Wurzel Builders has been building from the ground up in the competitive retail market for 24 years. The complexity of construction in the fuel market has created a niche market where Wurzel has dedicated a specialized team for these  complex projects. The regulatory and industry expertise to build fuel and car wash projects is under the leadership of Kylle Phend, VP of PHUEL Division. The demand for a one stop fuel, food, banking, retail, and car wash is a consumer “must have” in all communities.

Kylle Phend has assembled a team with expertise in projects all over U.S. These specialty projects with fuel stations service both cars, trucks, car washes, convenient store retail, food services, and banking. The specialized team of Project Managers, Superintendents, and Project Engineers provides a collaborative team to maximize that fuel and carwash projects are built confidently on time and on budget.

The PHUEL Division team has built projects:

Fuel: QuikTrip (14 QT’s and 4 QT’s travel center Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa). Buc-ee’s (x6 locations), Sam’s, Murphy’s USA, Flying J, Stripes (x5 locations) & one truck stop, Tom Thumb, Circle K, Speedy Stop

Car Wash: Canyon Lake Aqua Magic, Tommy’s, Quick Quack, Speedy Stop, Leon Springs, Diamond Shine, Blue Wave, Ricky Rocket

Wurzel Builders Aqua Magic CarWash Canyon Lake
Phuel Team

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Wurzel Builders Aqua Magic CarWash Canyon Lake

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