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Wurzel Builders has established a reputation for quality-centric projects among clients, developers, and subcontractors since 1998.

Wurzel is in the business of doing it the right way and as a Texas-grown construction company, we’re excited to continue the growth of the San Antonio area.

Our transparent process, comprehensive services, and key sense of detail ensure that we can confidently deliver on time and on budget. As a full-service general contractor and construction manager based out of Austin, TX, we have expertise in 9 markets including Hospitality, Multifamily, Healthcare, Retail, Industrial/Manufacturing, Office, Fuel, Education, and Restaurant.

Our comprehensive construction services, leadership, planning, and proactive approach to projects ensure each client’s vision is executed efficiently to meet or exceed their expectations.

Our commitment to you is simple…

We make you look great. That’s the Wurzel Builders’ Promise.

Quality Centric

We utilize transparent communication to stay on schedule and to build quality-centric projects built confidently on time and built on budget.

Confidently On Time

We deliver confidently on time and on budget. Our team ensures your project is clean and ready to go at the completion.

Creative Possibilities

We discover new possibilities in our preconstruction planning to see the gaps ahead of time. Our deep logistical understanding tackles any potential challenges with our creative viewpoint.

Current Projects in San Antonio

Family Hospital at Brushy Creek

Aztec Theater & Boutique Hotel

Wurzel Builders will be partnering with the Aztec Theater and Marriott Collections Boutique Hotel for the historic restoration located on the Riverwalk. With previous experience at the Sonesta SF Austin hotel in building historic restorations, Wurzel Builders is excited to support Aztec Theater and the Marriott brand in refining the fine arts gem in San Antonio’s downtown district that has been a staple since 1926. This is the second project that Wurzel Builders is collaborating on with Duncan Miller Design and Bhavin Patel, one of the owners of the hotel.

QuikTrip logo


Continuing our 15th QuickTrip project, Wurzel Builders will be building the QuickTrip as a perfect intersection between the neighborhoods of Valencia, Woodstone, Northern Hills, and El Dorado. We have just broken ground and collaborate with QuickTrip to build this complex project to match the industry standards needed for the safety of the fuel, the health of the food services, and security for onsite Wells Fargo bank.

Family Hospital at Brushy Creek

Cigar Bar at Dominion Oaks Plaza

Wurzel Builders will be creating a unique Cigar bar experience at the Dominion Oaks Plaza. The project will be 2 stories with a viewing deck and a full lounge and bar. It’ll have a VIP room, and a custom humidor to maintain the quality of the cigars including individual areas for patrons to store their cigars.

Target logo

Target in La Cantera

Wurzel Builders is proud to partner with Target for its first Green Target remodel in the nation. As one of the two new green stores in the US, Wurzel Builders will remodel the store while maintaining its current store hours and be completed in time for the 2022 holiday season. We’re honored to have been chosen for this project after decades of collaboration between Target and Wurzel Builders.

Previous Projects

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Stephen F Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel

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