Barry Wurzel

Barry Wurzel, Wurzel Builders Founder

Barry brings 33 years of construction management experience to his work. He has a passion for bringing vision, investments, and project plans into reality.

His strategic mind and creative outlook help him lead his team to explore new possibilities. He likes to be hands-on in developing his team and in collaborating with clients through transparent communication.

While it takes a lot to put a building together, Barry has learned over the years that it’s just as important to pull together a team, to orchestrate the personalities toward reaching a common goal. He leads his team with an open communication style so that he can continue to help mentor and develop each member. “Say what you’re going to do, and do what you say you’re going to do” is his motto as he builds a culture where authentic character meets gumption. Barry offers constant employee development in an exciting work environment that encourages growth and opportunities taking the time to find the best candidates for each job so that clients are guaranteed the best quality of work.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Management from St. Mary’s College in California and Masters of Science and Construction Management from Texas A&M University.

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Brenda Jones

Business Development Director
Brenda Jones, Wurzel Builders

Brenda has a proven track record in Business Development.

She loves to maximize business success outcomes by building new possibilities in business development for Wurzel Builders and our clients. Her forward-thinking and proactive approach is the driving force behind her reputation for going beyond the expectations in each endeavor. She has built a high profile network of companies and clientele over the years due to her mutual respect and intention to build strong partnerships.

Her mission is to thrive in every aspect of business and support those around her to do the same. She’s an inspirational, visionary, and results-oriented leader through a driven spirit, and has a proven revenue history in a diversity of industries.

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Shain Hardin

Director of Pre-Construction and Estimating
Shain Hardin, Wurzel Builders

Shain has twenty years of commercial and industrial, medical and educational construction experience in estimating and construction management and sales.

From Marriott to Scott & White to the Post on South Lamar, his extensive management experience has led the way to make sure projects finish on time and within budget including project feasibility, project and field review, estimating, and subcontractor negotiations. His key sense to detail and organizational skills have contributed to his success in sales, supervisory responsibilities, construction scheduling and management.

His proven discipline and ability to smoothly navigate high pressure situations has led him to successfully finish projects such as Marriott, Hilton, Scott & White, Temple College Business Incubator, IHOP, Temple Visitor Center, Post South Lamar, The Pearl, Marquis on 5th.

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Jessi Oshiro

Accounting Manager
Jessi Oshiro

Jessi Oshiro’s leadership role has evolved beyond her title as Accounting Manager.

Jessi Oshiro has decades of experience in accounting. As a native from Peru, she packed her bags and moved to California when she was accepted to Golden Gate University on a full scholarship, majoring in accounting, and continued on to receive her MBA from San Jose University while working full time. Her career began working with several startup companies in California and many international companies where she was able to utilize her bilingual skills.

These entrepreneurial ventures allowed her to forge ahead into the construction industry, working on the side of the subcontractor, which brought a depth of knowledge to Wurzel Builders. In working with our subcontractors, Jessi’s role gives them the advantage to share and benefit from the understanding of working directly with a General Contractor. Her passion for process and procedures has made her an invaluable member to team Wurzel. Her honesty and fairness earned has earned the expansion of her role in Human Resources. She is highly respected by her peers and has an exceptional working relationship with all of our Vendors.

Rick Mertz

Project Executive
Rick Mertz

Rick Mertz has spent more than 30 years in the construction industry, managing both the government and private sectors with projects ranging from $5M to $70M.

His detailed management and supervision of the project from design concept through completion is well known. He is effective in collaborating with his team to make sure each project is up to par in terms of safety management, quality control, scheduling coordination and budget oversight.

His work has led him to be a part of Cambria Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, Tru by Hilton, The 555 Condominiums at the Hilton Hotel, Texas State University, DART Rail Station, Cedar Park Police Station and Municipal Court, Best Buy, Kroger and more!

Kylle Phend

Division VP
Kylle Phend

With over twenty‐three years of experience in construction management, Kylle has consistently and decisively completed projects on time and within budget.

He has a proven track record of success in even the most demanding circumstances and situations. He has a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully conduct business in a commanding and constantly changing industry.

He has a diverse experience of projects in markets such as Multi-Family, Retail, Restaurant, C-Stores, and Office.

Carl Jarka

Project Manager
Carl Jarka

Carl Jarka brings almost twenty years of highly skilled experience to the team.

His attention to details, knowledge of city codes and the construction industry are the foundation of building successful projects.

His solid foundation has led to the success of getting projects done on time and on budget such as Best Buy, Medspring, Preston/Forest Retail Center, Endeavor Shell Building, West Marine Tilt Wall Retail Center, San Antonio and Austin Fire Station, and more.

Vincent Friesenhahn

Project Manager
Vincent Friesenhahn

Vincent Friesenhahn is a trustworthy and proven partner, ready to guide you through the construction experience.

Vincent has spent more than 19 years in the construction and facility industry, managing private sectors and government ranging from $1 million to $50 million. Detailed management and supervision of the project from design concept through completion. Effective collaboration with the project team on safety management, quality control, schedule coordination, budget coordination, in the field providing cost effective solutions and solving job site challenges. He knows how to balance addressing the day to day without losing sight of the long‐term vision.

He believes in the importance of relationships and prioritizes keeping his clients knowledgeable throughout the entire process. With honesty and integrity, Vincent will be there with you every step of the way.