Since 1998 Wurzel Builders has established a reputation for quality-centric construction and reliability among clients, developers, and subcontractors.

Wurzel is in the business of doing it the right way. We stay true to our promise through our unparalleled commitment to reliability, integrity, teamwork, accountability, and excellence.

Our transparent process, comprehensive services, and key sense to detail ensure that we can confidently deliver on time and on budget. We see the gaps ahead of time and offer proactive solutions and discover new possibilities designed with our team’s creative viewpoint.

As a full-service general contractor and construction manager, we have extensive experience in construction, renovating commercial projects in the Hospitality, Multifamily, Healthcare, Retail, Industrial, Office, and Restaurant sectors.

Our comprehensive construction services, leadership, planning, and proactive approach to projects ensure each client’s vision is executed efficiently to meet or exceed their expectations.

Our Culture


We build quality projects delivered on time.


To continue producing great work that our team can take pride in by creating a collaborative environment where we enjoy working together and enhance our collective know-how. In doing so, our clients will continue receiving the quality of work and attention to detail that they have known for over 20 years.


“Say what you’re going to do, and do what you say you’re going to do”


Wurzel Builders Team

Core Values

Team Work

Work family.
We help each other succeed. It’s not my company or your company, it’s our company. We are working together for the common goals; we are in this together.

We believe everyone has a role and a part. Together we make the company successful and we uphold the mutual commitments we make.

We trust one another. We see and believe the good in people.

We accept and honor everyone’s differences. You are who you are and we love y’all the same.


Own it.
We believe in owning the good and the bad. We encourage our team to celebrate and learn from their mistakes, they took a risk.

We believe every member matters. Our team walks the walk and talks the talk. Everyone must have a willingness to accept the responsibilities for their actions.

We want everyone to have a sense of achievement, without you it would have not happened. “We believe without you it would NOT have happened”.

We want everyone to feel fulfilled with their successes. You did this, you’ve earned it.


We admire the quality of being true, fair, and having strong moral principles. We believe it is a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards.

We support everyone being true to themselves and true relationships. We believe this builds stronger teams and relationships.

We are open and truthful. No one has a hidden motive. We are who we say we are. That being said, we are still a business, some thing are still confidential.

Giving Back

At Wurzel Builders, we build relationships within our communities.

Giving back is part of the Wurzel way. We believe that relationships are the core of what we build as we work with our clients. This expands into our role in the community as we continue to support the growth of our strong community.

We believe that community involvement is important to morale and contributes to teamwork.

Our team members are offered paid time off to share their time and talents as a volunteer within the community at the charitable organization of their choice, such as Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank, Mercy Chefs, and many more. In conjunction with the Associated Builders & Contractors organization, Wurzel Builders works with high school students mentoring career opportunities in the construction industry.

Wurzel Builders at Habitat for Humanity Build Day